A Special Note from the Author

At this point in world history, a time of major unrest, questions are rightly asked: “What is needed to bring peaceful co-existence among peoples and nations?” and, “What will provide stability and reasonable contentment for all human beings?” The author believes that the answer lies largely in government, its form and organization. As one of humanity’s oldest institutions, it makes and enforces decisions affecting the conduct of all human beings.

In the book Venecia’s Earthling, Bill Brady, a highly placed U.S. official and organizational expert, wrestles daily with these questions. The book also considers the possibility of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the universe and explores alternative practices there that might contribute to better world order on planet Earth.

Bill becomes the vehicle for world change after he is abducted and transported to the planet Aequatanus. The near-utopian planet he finds is a model for study, being far advanced in government, science, and social culture. Bill returns to Earth with the mission to inform world leaders of all he has seen and learned and to help facilitate a new pathway to the future.

This modern day and futuristic work recognizes that planet Earth, and the Universe it inhabits, is constantly changing and evolving to new levels. It examines what these changes bode for humans in the future including: new continental alliances and federations; universal language, currency, banking and economic balance; universal health care and population control; a universal code of conduct and human rights and scientific discoveries in gravitational flow. A reformed and reorganized United Nations will focus primarily on peace keeping and the oversight of human rights. There will also be continuing efforts to find life on and to colonize other planets in the universe.

Science fiction is where the future happens first. Venecia’s Earthling provides a comprehensive look at what is in store for us as we move forward in the 21st Century and beyond. Charts and appendices supplement this work portraying potential government structures and supporting constitutional provisions.

The potential blueprint to our future as described in the book envisions:


The following charts appear in VENECIA'S EARTHLING and may not be as readable as desired. We've provided them here for you to view and print full size - click on the individual chart thumbnail image to show full size.

Chart A Chart B Chart C
Organization Chart
Organization Chart
Flow of Natural Energy
The Universe
Planet of Aquatanus